Chapter 23: One Hit Blunders, Part IV – The Cheapskate and The Funcle

Welcome back to another week of One Hit Blunders! Today, you get to meet two men - one from Boston, The Cheapskate, and one from Florida, The Funcle. Let’s go.  The last date I went on in Boston before the world shut down was with Charles, I guy that I accidentally matched with when I [...]

Chapter 17: One Hit Blunders, Part II – The Italian Stallion and The Smoker

Welcome back to One Hit Blunders. Part II brings us to two gentlemen, The Italian Stallion and The Smoker.  For our first story, let’s take it back to when I was still living in Orlando, around the beginning of 2018 - so, not too long before I left, but at a time when I was [...]

Chapter 14: One Hit Blunders, Part I – The Semi-Date and The Dollar Man

Welcome to part one of a series I’m going to be adding to this, all about the first and only dates I’ve had with a handful or so of guys who otherwise didn’t really have a huge role in my life or provide much of anything important - besides giving me some great material over [...]