About Me

I am a content creator focused on holistic health and wellness, a storyteller, and an eternal optimist.

My goals are to empower you to strengthen your mindset and wellness, advocate for important causes, and be a real, authentic, and vulnerable community builder.

Madeline Olsen

I have loved storytelling since before I even knew how to write.

As a child, I would dictate stories to my grandmother, who would write them out for me to bring in and have them read to my Kindergarten class. My passion for writing has never wavered over the years, and what started off as a fun blog I created mainly for myself, Diary of a Land Mermaid, has now evolved into this.

Through my stories, I hope to inspire and empower. My Instagram page is filled with personal anecdotes about my own struggles with an abusive relationship, disordered eating, and feelings of unworthiness, but also with advice on how to not only overcome these challenges but thrive after them.

A Southern Belle at heart, I went to college and grad school in Boston. Besides writing, I enjoy dancing, baking, reading, and traveling – I have been to 29 countries so far! I also love Disney, Marvel, musical theater, museums, and design.

I live in Florida with my boyfriend and our adorable mini-Bernedoodle, Lottie.


Myers-Briggs: ENFJ
Astrology: Sagittarius Sun – Cancer Rising – Libra Moon
Enneagram: 8w7
True Colors: Blue