Madeline Olsen

Advocate in Training

Hello! My name is Madeline. Born in North Carolina, but calling several places my home, I received my MS in Media Advocacy and my BA in Communication Studies from Northeastern University. I love Disney (and even worked there) and studied abroad in Florence, Italy as well as Malaga, Spain. I love baking, dancing, music, spending time with family and friends, and writing (obviously). I am obsessed with personality tests and astrology, and will probably ask you your birth time if we ever meet. I’m an eternal optimist, the most idealistic realist you’ll ever meet, and loyal to a fault.

I have a fierce passion for people and thrive when I am helping others, and I am excited to take all of you on that journey with me.

  • Enneagram: 8w7
  • Myers Briggs: ENFJ
  • Sun Sign – Sagittarius, Rising Sign – Cancer, Moon Sign – Libra
  • True Colors: Blue
  • Strengths Finder: Individualization, Input, Strategic, Communication, Development