Fun + Frugal Date Night Ideas

We all know that inflation is a thing right now… I mean, have you seen the cost of eggs lately? 

With wedding planning, trying to buy a house in the next year or so, and thinking about having a family, my fiance and I have been focused on saving some money lately. One of the ways we’ve decided to budget is by keeping our fancy steakhouse date nights to a minimum and instead focusing on more frugal, budget-friendly options. Then, we’ll pick one a week to do! I like to make little popsicle sticks and put them in a cup, and then we just draw one and start to make the plans.

Here are our ideas if you also need some fun, frugal date nights!


  1. Walk around your neighborhood and talk about what’s been happening lately! 
  2. Go to a garden, park, or beach to walk around, relax, and enjoy the sunset. If you want to up it a little bit, pack a picnic. 
  3. Have an at-home game night or do a puzzle together. 
  4. Drive around your ‘dream’ neighborhood and check out your future house goals. Or, go to some fancy open houses! There’s no harm in looking, right? 
  5. Look at your city’s website and see if any museums or concert venues near you have any ‘free’ nights, then take advantage of it!  
  6. Go biking, roller skating, or play a sport together.
  7. Volunteer together. Whether it’s an animal shelter, food bank, hospital, or non-profit, giving back together is a great way to bond! 
  8. Take a hike! Find a new trail, or even a new walking path, to explore. 
  9. Enjoy the samples at the farmer’s market. Costco works, too, if you don’t have a local farmer’s market. 
  10. Cook dinner together – even if it’s the same spaghetti and marinara you make every Sunday, do it together! 
  11. Build a fort in your living room and watch some movies! 
  12. Go stargazing. Find a spot with little light pollution, bring blankets, and watch the stars. 
  13. Tackle a home improvement project. Is there something you’ve been putting off that you can probably do yourself? Now is the time! It might not be totally free, but it’s cheaper than hiring a handyman.
a couple enjoying riding bicycle
We would do this if I could ride a bike.
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Under $25

  1. Go to a library or bookstore and pick out books for each other. 
  2. At-home pizza and movie night – grab the ingredients at the grocery store to make your pizza, pop some popcorn, and fire up Netflix! 
  3. Have a dessert date – have dinner at home, then go somewhere for a delectable dessert. 
  4. Take in a matinee movie. If you have time in the afternoon, watch the movies earlier than usual and enjoy the discounted rates. 
  5. Find a food truck (or, even better, a food truck hub) and pick something new to share. 
  6. Attend a brewery or winery tour (most are free), then treat yourself to a glass! 
  7. Make a charcuterie board together. Check Trader Joe’s for reasonably priced cheese, crackers, and wine, and then create your charcuterie board! Bonus points if you have some smooth jazz on in the background. 
  8. Check Groupon for some fun deals! 
  9. Get some ice cream and take a walk. Ice cream on the beach or in a nice park? Yes, please. 
  10. Check out a local open mic night. 
  11. Test your knowledge at a trivia night! Most are free or only $5, but budget some extra for a drink or an appetizer. 
  12. Play mini golf or go to an arcade. If you choose the arcade, get about $10 worth of coins and save the rest for a snack or dessert.

Planning a budget-friendly date night doesn’t have to be difficult, and many things can be found in your home! It’s important to schedule time with your partner; even if you can’t shell out $150 for a dinner, you can still enjoy some fun, quality time with one another. So, pick one of these ideas, set a date, and have fun!