My Morning + Evening Routines

I love routines. They help me start and end my day and overall help me feel more accomplished and productive. 

I’m sure you’ve also seen the “that girl” routines all over TikTok, and I am here to tell you that mine are not that. I believe in doing what feels good to you – so if something doesn’t feel good to do that day, I don’t do it. I also think that morning and evening routines are subjective – what works for me might not work for you. But just in case you need inspiration, here’s mine.

Morning Routine

  • Wake up: Before getting out of bed, I say a prayer for the day, list three things I’m grateful for, and three things I’m looking forward to that day.
  • Get dressed: I start by getting dressed for whatever workout I do that day!
  • Workout: This could be a Pilates class, gym session, or just a YouTube video.
  • Protein shake time.
  • Skincare: I wash my face, tone, use eye cream, Vitamin C, niacinamide, or Santorini velvet skin by Korres, face lotion, and then ALWAYS end with SPF!
  • Walk Lottie: I am for about 1 mile, more if it’s not too hot.
  • Coffee + breakfast: English muffins, overnight oats, yogurt and fruit, avocado toast, and oatmeal are my go-tos!
  • Morning pages/journal: Sometimes I save this for lunch, depending on how I do on time. But it’s just a nice day to get my feelings out! I also like to have a mantra or affirmation for the day.
  • Shower + get ready for work: Lately I’ve been making more of an effort to actually put on real clothes (even if it’s just a slightly nicer pair of leggings and a solid t-shirt) and do light makeup for work. It really does make me feel better and more prepared for the day!

Evening Routine

  • Prepare things for the next day: This could be cleaning the kitchen, setting up coffee, laying out clothes, etc. 
  • Self-love workbook or other mindset work.
  • Finish device use for the day: I try to stop using my phone about an hour before bedtime, but I’m still working on this!
  • Shower: I listen to meditations or just spa music in the shower. If I haven’t had time to meditate that day, it’s just a nice way to wind down.
  • Brush teeth/skincare: At night, I use a gel cleanser, eye cream, retinoid serum, face lotion, and then either a cleansing or soothing oil.
  • Stretch and take three deep breaths: This helps me prepare my body for sleep time.  
  • Get into bed.
  • Say an evening prayer: This is a nice way to express gratitude and ask for any guidance.
  • Read until I fall asleep.

It doesn’t have to be an elaborate, hour-long thing. I definitely like to take my time with my morning routine as I ease into the day, but my evening routine usually doesn’t take me longer than half an hour (depending on how much I need to get ready for the next day). You don’t have to do a twelve-step skincare routine or spend twenty minutes meditating every morning and evening. Find what feels good and what works for you – your routine needs to be aligned with your needs, not some random person on TikTok.

If you need ideas on where to start, here’s a little chart I made to inspire you!

Tell me what your morning and evening routines are below!