About Me: Personality Tests and My Types

Anyone who knows me knows that I absolutely love personality tests. They are fun and interesting and can tell you so much about yourself, how you work, and how you relate to others. So, I thought it would be fun to review some of the big personality tests, what they tell you, and what my type is! Think of this as a very niche “about me” post. Let’s get into it. 

Myers Briggs

What it is: At its core, the Myers-Briggs test is a popular psychology test that tells you how you absorb information and perceive yourself and the world around you. 

My type: ENFJ – The Protagonist
As an ENFJ, I am Extraverted, Intuitive, Feeling, and Judging. The website’s description says, “Protagonists (ENFJs) feel called to serve a greater purpose in life. Thoughtful and idealistic, these personality types strive to impact other people and the world around them positively. They rarely shy away from an opportunity to do the right thing, even when doing so is far from easy.” I would say this is very accurate! Being authentic and doing the right thing is extremely important to me. I am passionate yet overly empathetic, reliable, and idealistic, almost to a fault. 

Other ENFJs are Barack Obama, Jennifer Lawrence, and Elizabeth Bennet from “Pride and Prejudice.”


What it is: The Enneagram personality test is similar to Myers Briggs in that it tells how you perceive the world but goes a bit deeper. The underlying theory is that based on experiences in your childhood, you emerge with one “dominant” type (we really have all of the nine types, but one is the most obvious), which also explains how you manage your emotions and why you do so that way.

 My type: Type 8 – The Challenger

As an 8, I am described as “self-confident, strong, and assertive. Protective, resourceful, straight-talking, and decisive, but can also be ego-centric and domineering. Eights feel they must control their environment, especially people, sometimes becoming confrontational and intimidating. Eights typically have problems with their tempers and allowing themselves to be vulnerable.” I definitely don’t think I’m ego-centric, but I fear being controlled and feel like I always have to advocate for the underdog. From each type, you have a wing that can go either to either side of the circle (so 1w9 or 1w2, 2w1 or 2w3, etc.).I am an 8w7, called “The Maverick,” which is described as self-reliant, wanting to forge their own path, energetic, and enthusiastic.

Other 8s are Winston Churchill, Serena Williams, and Tony Soprano. 


What it is: The DISC assessment is often used in professional settings and discusses an individual’s personal sets of values, beliefs, and perspectives. 

My type: Influencer
I enjoy working with others, being creative, and bringing friendliness and compassion to the table. Again, I value feelings of freedom and spontaneity and fear situations where those aren’t possible. 

Love Languages

What it is: I think the Love Language test is very underrated! It tells you how a person prefers to give and receive love. There are five main types – Acts of Service, Words of Affirmation, Physical Touch, Receiving Gifts, and Quality Time. 

My type: My number one has been and will always be Words of Affirmation. I need to be told I’m loved and appreciated, that I look pretty, all those good things. When showing love, though, I think I lean towards giving gifts and acts of service, which is interesting! 

True Colors

What it is: True Colors is a very typical personality test in that it says every person falls into one of four categories with their personality and temperament. The colors are blue, gold, green, and orange. 

My type: Blue.
As a blue, I’m warm, caring, empathetic, and creative. I like to keep the peace and am driven by compassion. 

Big Five

What it is: The Big Five is based on a five-factor model of the personality – there are five main personality traits, and the strength of each one and the order of them together tell what kind of person you are. 

My type: Openness, Conscientious, Extraversion, Agreeableness, Neuroticism – Empathic Idealist
If I had to pick two words that describe me to a T, I think “empathic idealist” would summarize me perfectly. I score highest in openness and agreeableness. I use “insight and creativity to help others” and “think about how the world could be a better and more beautiful place.” That sounds about right!

I know some people think personality tests are bogus, but it really doesn’t harm anyone for me to enjoy them! What are your thoughts on them? Tell me your personality types!