HOW TO LEVEL UP: 9 Habits to Implement in 2023

6. Invest in yourself regularly.

I don’t mean just financially – though, that’s important, too! It’s also important to invest in yourself and your future. From something as simple as investing in your skin and wearing SPF daily to continuing to learn and grow through enrolling in online courses, or hiring coaches. It also means allowing yourself to treat yourself every once in awhile to acknowledge your hardwork and success. Investing in yourself is a great way to remind yourself of your worth and your value – you deserve to invest in yourself.

7. Stay organized and minimize clutter.

It is so easy to feel overwhelmed by a relatively small number of tasks if you have no orgtanziation system for your life. I, personally, am a huge fan of having a physical planner but I know that for a lot of people, Google Calendar is their go-to. It doesn’t matter! But having a way to organize at least the key aspects of your life – daily appointments, to-dos, budget, fitness, and grocery lists can make a world of difference. I’m not saying you have to become Marie Kondo but I will say she makes a good point when it comes to having too much clutter – I am a frequent “declutterer” and I have no doubt that has made a big difference in my mental health, too! I don’t like having too much around me or too much going on – and if you’re anything like me, figuring out the best way for you to keep that in check will be so beneficial to you in the years to come.

So pick a room, any room, and start organizing today.

8. Be patient with yourself.

Remember these two things – Rome wasn’t built in a day, and no two timelines are the same. You’ll get there when you’re meant to get there so don’t give up.

9. Practice gratitude.

So simple, yet so impactful. There are so many studies that show how gratitude really does make a difference in your brain, your health, and your life. So start and end each day with listing one thing that you’re grateful for – whether you write it in a journal, keep a list in your Notes app, or just say it to yourself in the mirror. Taking a moment each day to think about how much you have to be grateful for – no matter how small – has the power to change your life more than anything else on this list.

You’re going to forget these sometimes. You’re going to have good days and bad days – and both are okay! The important thing is to stay as consistent as possible and believe in yourself. Don’t give up. This can and will be your year!


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