30 by 30 Goal

15. Austria
I drove through it, and it was mostly rural, but it counts because I’m pretty positive I at least stopped in a gas station on the way.

16. Vatican City
I fangirled over “The Last Supper” and literally everything else in there – beyond beautiful and such a meaningful place.

17. Croatia (Split)
It’s probably my favorite place that I’ve been so far – the people were so friendly, and it was gorgeous, amazing nature, and I found an addicting cereal I still miss.

18. Czech Republic (Prague)
I went to a Hard Rock Cafe, ate a fried mozzarella sandwich at 2 AM, met some rude people, and (allegedly) nearly got human trafficked or at least arrested so safe to say it’s not my favorite.

19. England (London)
It isn’t easy to be here without mimicking a British accent, I had some delicious soup every day, and I, unfortunately, did not meet Prince Harry when I still liked him.

20. France (Paris, Nice, and Cannes)
Another favorite – I loved the food, the art, the landmarks, the people (except Nice was not very nice), literally all of it.

21. Germany (Munich)
I have SO many crazy stories about this weekend, but I loved it and would definitely go back.

22. Iceland (Reykjavik)
Really, it was a cruise through Iceland, but all of it was amazing, and I felt like I was in outer space because the terrain and everything looked so cool.

23. Italy (Florence, Rome, Milan, Siena, Venice, Cinque Terre, and Pisa)
My first European country and later my home for 5 months, between the food, people, art, and lifestyle, I’d probably live here if it wasn’t so far from my family.

24. Monaco (Monte Carlo)
I felt like Grace Kelly for a day, and even though everything was so expensive, I really liked it.

25. Slovenia
Another country I just drove through, but I got a passport stamp from it since it’s not part of the EU.

26. Spain (Malaga and Seville)
They have amazing paella, Malaga was very cool, and I loved Seville – their Cathedral is absolutely breathtaking.

27. Switzerland (Lugano and Swiss Alps)

Their chocolate indeed is the best, everyone is amicable, and it’s a lovely place.

28. Canada
Everyone really is nice in Canada except for when they’re driving, but I didn’t think Tim Horton’s was that great.

* Gibraltar
I had to add this as a bonus because it’s technically a British territory, but you can see Spain on one side and Africa on the other. But the Rock of Gibraltar is actually very cool, the monkeys are adorable but mischievous, and I had no idea that people actually lived there.

So, there you have it! A very, very brief review of the 28 countries I’ve been to so far, and soon, I’ll be adding two more to that list!

Let me know your favorite places and travel recommendations!

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