“What do I say back to this?”

“His profile picture is him holding a fish, but otherwise he seems nice – should I swipe right?”

“It’s midnight and he asked me if I’m up, should I respond?” 

I’m sure I’m not the only one who has had conversations like the ones above with their friends. And for everyone who has had these conversations, or other similar ones, you know how hard it is to get genuine advice when you’re too busy trying to organize the screenshots of messages into the right order, or remembering if your friend is talking about Joseph the Engineer or Joseph the DJ – which will absolutely impact what you tell them to do next. Without having the full picture of your friend or family member’s potential love prospects, it’s difficult to help them make the best choices.

This is where the new app Charmed comes in. While it’s not a traditional dating app, it is a dating advice app. Essentially, it integrates with your dating profile account so that anyone can have access – your mom, sister, best friend, roommate, etc. – and view your matches to then give feedback and advice. While it currently only integrates with Tinder, soon, you’ll be able to link to other dating apps! So when you can’t think of a good opener to send the guy you’ve got your eye on, or you can’t think of a way to change the subject with the girl who seems great but talks way too much about her cat, your friends and family can now have a much easier way to suggest that amazing line that will help you get back on track. 

Dating apps can be frustrating – trust me, I know – and Charmed aims to make it a little bit easier. Its CEO, Taylor Margot, and Co-Founders Jack Peterson (CXO) and David Blanchard (CTO) know that sometimes, it takes a village to find a good match and keep them. I know I’m not alone in valuing the opinions of my friends and family (I literally tell my mom everything), and I’m sure that they’re just as tired of receiving screenshots of potential matches as I am sending them. So, having a way to share my matches with them and get feedback and suggestions right through the app would make the headache of dating apps much more bearable. 

Having been on both sides of the dating app friendly advice dynamic – seeking and providing – I know that Charmed is solving a problem that MANY people can relate to – no magic wand required. And especially during a time when dating apps are pretty much the only method of meeting people, it would be so much easier (and frankly, more fun) when your trusted loved ones can be involved in a much simpler way. 

As the very wise Spice Girls once said, “If you wanna be my lover, you gotta get with my friends.” Having my friends get more involved with my crazy dating life from the start, giving feedback and advice, could have saved me from lots of frogs, and, I mean, a girl can only ask a guy what his favorite dinosaur is as an opening line so many times before she realizes she really needs a new line. It’s me. I need a new line. Any suggestions?

Charmed aims to revolutionize online dating, and I for one am very on board with that plan. 

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