So Bad It’s Good: “A Christmas Prince: Royal Wedding” Review

The review I chose to discuss in class was written by Carly Mallenbaum of USA TODAY and is about the infamous Netflix movie that premiered just a couple of months ago, just in time for the holidays. I like this review because it not only critiques the obvious flaws and general hilarity of the film’s premise, but it also comments on a lot of the other inaccuracies and connection to real world events. For example, even before I took a Journalism class I was aware that the main character’s approach to journalism was… interesting, to say the least. This review takes the time to examine the complete lack of knowledge (or maybe just disregard) of journalism and journalism ethics that the writers must have. I also loved the comparisons she drew to the Royal Wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markle, which was one of the most watched television events from last year, because as someone whose birthday celebration plans included spending the morning watching this movie just after its Netflix premiere, I immediately noticed the similarities, too. Finally, I like this review because Mallenbaum acknowledges that sometimes, it’s okay to watch things that are just plain bad and simply enjoy them for pure, mindless entertainment. I know I do.

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